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My Running journey started in November 2014, I had been a heavy smoker since I was a young boy, earlier in 2014 I spent some time in hospital with quite a serious illness and at this point realized things had to change. I made an appointment with the NHS stop smoking nurse and that was the start of a smoke free life. To help with the craving I joined a gym and started to gradually exercise, I started to run which was tough as my fitness was bad I would struggle to take a breath my flexibility was poor and it was hell. 2015 I signed up to run the London Marathon, I did my training just following a online training plan and using my phone and in April I went to London and completed  the course, in 2015 I completed some other events and had improved my fitness a little and most importantly was smoke free. 2016 I continued to train in the gym and run, completing some events  one being the London marathon. This was later to be one of the worst experiences I could of imagined, due to a failed chip timing device and a lack of experience in GPS and analytic data I would later wish I had never started to run. I decided I was going to attempt on foot to travel the length of the country from Land's End to John o' Groats, this was also a bad mistake. This caused me and my family  a living nightmare for a little while due to online social media trolling/bullying it was a horrible experience at the time, but was probably a major turning point in my running journey and what was at the time very negative turned into a very big positive and gave me more incentive to run.  July 2017 I Incorporated Dave Reading Ltd to give some clarity to my  future training and future events and this also gave me the opportunity to help fund other athletes in there challenges and support people in achieving there fitness goals. August 2017 was a major turning point I was being coached by Triple European Medalist and Rio  Olympian Andy Vernon and was also offered sponsorship  by Paul Fawcett Personal coaching to work on my strength and conditioning . This has all had a major difference to my training my weekly program is structured with goals planned and we have made some amazing progress in a short period of time. I also joined an amazing club Newham And Essex Beagles AC (1st claim) and  Eastern Masters Athletic Club, I am a big fan of Strava and use it frequently. If I have learnt anything over the last few years it is never to give up sometimes we need a negative to bring a positive what was once a hobby and passion has become my work and savior I love training and I love to race the biggest joy running gives me is what it has done for my children and family .